Preservation :: Downtown Revitalization

Municipalities that are home to a collection of historic buildings have a special opportunity to capitalize on history for commercial gain. Large and small, many cities throughout North America have been able to attract residents and visitors through downtown revitalization efforts. These efforts are based on preserving historic buildings and creating the right retail/commercial mix for the existing structures. This process restores the beauty and vitality to the heart of downtown communities.

By renewing and re-energizing existing space and structure; towns, villages, and cities can diminish town center deterioration caused in part by suburban sprawl and homogenous malls and big box retail stores. 

Our firm possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in this area. Johnson-Schmidt & Associates has worked with a number of municipalities and developers to create partnerships that benefit communities around the state.

Principal Architect, Elise Johnson-Schmidt served as Executive Director of Corning’s Market Street Restoration Agency. During her tenure, she facilitated the advancement of commercial programs through persistent collaborative efforts with city government and merchants groups, but she also introduced handsome upper-story housing to the community, helping to build daily traffic for the retail and restaurants, day and night. She frequently provides public lectures on upper-story housing to communities throughout New York State.