Preservation :: Assessment

In the realm of historic preservation, the process of assessment can refer to the feasibility of restoration or the determination of current building conditions. Preliminary (prior to funding) condition assessments are the basis for creating long-range plans for improvements and maintenance of an existing site.  This aspect of the preservation procedure may be needed when applying for a grant or determining future development needs. Johnson-Schmidt & Associates provides a depth of experience in preliminary and conditions assessment, and are frequently commissioned by clients funded through the New York State Office of Parks, Restoration, & Historic Preservation.

In addition to the conditions determination and preliminary assessment, a feasibility assessment is imperative to the redevelopment of a structure. A feasibility assessment studies all components and conditions of the structure analyzed from roof to basement, and may also include an evaluation of problem areas and forecast a life span. The purpose of this process is to determine whether it is practical to renovate a structure for its proposed use. The assessment may take into account both the architectural merits of the building and financial considerations of renovation. Shortcomings are identified and possible solutions are generally offered. Our architects are skilled in possible work-around solutions as a part of this assessment.